Medical and Radiation Oncology Consulting Experts Providing Custom Billing, Coding and Compliance Reviews

With operational and clinical expertise in radiation and medical oncology, Revenue Cycle Inc.’s team delivers consulting services tailored for your comprehensive medical record reviews and compliance goals.

Revenue Cycle Inc.’s consultants are professionals with hands-on clinical proficiency in both medical and radiation oncology. Our team recommends workflow efficiencies that mesh with billing and documentation compliance. Armed with experience in hospital-based and physician office-based settings, our consultants can assess your documentation processes, charge capture and billing accuracies and design solutions customized for your practice.

Our Billing, Coding and Compliance Reviews incorporate:

  • Experts well-versed in hospital and physician office departments, adept at applying guidelines and requirements appropriate for your type of facility and location.
  • Reviews of medical records encompassing the full courses of treatment and supporting documentation.
  • Clinically trained reviewers who have a detailed understanding of the step-by-step workflows within an oncology practice enabling them to identify missed charges and items billed without supporting documentation.
  • Guidelines published by Medicare and other authoritative sources to determine appropriate medical record content and correct coding for each patient procedure.
  • Extensive research prior to project start, ensuring that guidance specific to your needs is incorporated into the overall project scope.
  • Evaluation of diagnosis coding, modifier application, procedure coding and completion of claim forms.
  • Identification of errors, omissions or opportunities for improvement related to registration, code capture, EHR usage, reporting or interface and claims submission.
  • Immediate, on-site feedback on medical record review findings, followed by relevant training of cancer center staff.
  • Promotion and education of best practices to promote accuracy and efficiency while achieving compliance goals.
  • Detailed formal report of findings and recommendations for corrective actions, which could serve as a complement to internal compliance plans.