Medical and Radiation Oncology Consultants Providing Compliant Electronic Health Record Assistance

Let Revenue Cycle Inc. help you tap into your EHR’s fullest potential while streamlining workflows and promoting compliance, coding accuracy and efficiency. We’ll evaluate your current usage or help you implement a new oncology EHR. We’ll focus on compliance while optimizing your use of the features and benefits available in the most up-to-date systems.

Well-versed in current oncology EHR systems, Revenue Cycle Inc.’s consultants:

  • Capitalize on available system tools and staff aptitude to best sharpen an individual practice.
  • Assist in developing processes to connect with other EHRs required.
  • Design and customize your system and database to promote documentation compliance, coding accuracy and workflow efficiency.
  • Customize documents to incorporate your process of care specific to local payor guidelines as well as national authoritative guidelines.
  • Demonstrate the creation, import and encounter of these documents.
  • Educate physicians and staff, focusing on compliant timelines along with the importance of complete, accurate medical record documentation supporting payor requirements.
  • Review and customize the procedure code database and associated scheduled encounters to prompt accurate code capture while leveraging the capabilities of the system.
  • Design and input correct coding for scheduled activities per department procedural practices.
  • Train and implement staff to use available system tools, reports and functionality to increase accuracy and efficiency.
  • Train and guide staff on the implementation of a comprehensive code review process using the system functionality.

If it’s in your best interest, Revenue Cycle Inc. will work in tandem with your oncology vendors to combine EHR functionality while providing associated billing and documentation support. This collaboration provides opportunity for potential growth and development, heightens awareness of reimbursement opportunities related to vendors’ product lines and promotes accuracy, efficiency, staff satisfaction and compliance.