Revenue Cycle Inc. Medical and Radiation Oncology Consultants

A Brief History

Before founding Revenue Cycle Inc., Ron DiGiaimo worked as an executive with the three largest publicly traded oncology firms in the United States. He recognized a need for a "best of the best" oncology practice reimbursement firm, so in 2002 he put together a team of diverse healthcare administration specialists and Revenue Cycle Inc. was born.

Growing quickly from that initial group, Revenue Cycle Inc.'s team now includes a variety of medical and radiation oncology experts with a thorough, up-to-date knowledge of:

  • Oncology service line planning
  • Oncology coding
  • Oncology billing
  • Oncology reimbursement
  • Cancer center development
  • Total operations for both freestanding and hospital radiation and medical oncology clinics

As a recognized leader in the industry staffed with broad-based oncology consultants, Revenue Cycle Inc. provides its clients focused and accessible education and training.

Take advantage of our experience and industry-leading expertise in one or more ways:

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Affiliates in Medical and Radiation Oncology

RC Billing specializes in medical and radiation oncology billing, coding and collections. Our experts understand every aspect of oncology and apply their comprehensive expertise to create customized billing processes. Providing services for physicians, freestanding facilities or hospitals, RC Billing leads the way in maximizing revenues for today's oncology specialists. Click here to download our brochure.

The Oncology Group

The Oncology Group  provides comprehensive oncology program and business planning for cancer service expansion and cancer center development. Using innovative data analysis, proven business management tools, procedures and relationship-building approaches, we enable clients to implement proven practices to grow their oncology services.  In addition, The Oncology Group provides Revenue Recovery services to help identify and capture income that is lost because of a process or computer interface. We also assist with preparation for value- and quality-based payment systems as CMS and commercial payers move from quantity to quality metrics.  Click here to download our brochure.

CodingStrategies logo

Coding Strategies offers an unparalleled breadth of tools to meet every role and need along the continuum of knowledge, including auditing, education, reference tools and consulting services for outpatient coding and compliance. They provide coding professionals, and anyone responsible for medical code assignment, with the education and support services needed to ensure compliant and accurate reimbursement. To see a list of services and products Coding Strategies offers, click here.