Answers to Your Questions about Medical and Radiation Oncology Consulting

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Do you perform Radiation and Medical Oncology consulting?

Yes, we specialize in both radiation and medical oncology and can provide a full range of consulting services for either or both specialties. We also can help with the various ancillary services provided by oncology practices today.

Why do you specialize in oncology?

Simply put, that's where our clinical expertise lies. We realize that in order to provide superior consulting services to physicians and facilities, we must know and understand in a clinical sense what services our customers provide. Our consultants have that knowledge, and that's why Revenue Cycle Inc. is and will stay an oncology-focused consulting company . We are proud to perform consulting services for medical and radiation oncology practices across the country.

Do you only assist hospital outpatient departments?

No, clients range from single private practice physicians to large multi-campus hospital based facilities. We provide services to hospitals providing outpatient services as well as freestanding facilities. Our consultants are well versed in HOPPS (Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System) and the MPFS (Medicare Physician Fee Schedule) so that regardless of the practice setting, our consulting services are available.

What does Revenue Cycle Inc. offer that other consulting companies do not?

Our consulting services are not scattered among a variety of specialties: we are oncology-specific. Revenue Cycle Inc. was founded by clinical personnel who have managed cancer practices and oncology treatment centers across the country. With this knowledge base, Revenue Cycle Inc. can help you with issues ranging from oncology reimbursement services to practice management to clinical concerns. Few companies offer a complete array of consulting services that begin from the time the patient is referred until the final treatment, ensuring that the entire revenue cycle is complete.

Can a larger consulting company do a better job than Revenue Cycle Inc.?

Bigger is not always better-especially when it comes to something where small details matter in large ways. Because we are specialists, we can focus our talents and attention on exactly what our clients need. Revenue Cycle Inc. has provided medical and radiation oncology consulting services to thousands of physicians and facilities in all states. We pride ourselves on providing expert oncology services and impeccable customer service. Just as oncology physicians must focus on quality over quantity, Revenue Cycle Inc. focuses on that as well when it comes to our consulting services. Many large consulting service companies have solely business-educated consultants; Revenue Cycle Inc.'s consultants are clinically trained as well as business-trained.

How many different specialties do you service?

Revenue Cycle Inc. is an oncology-specific consulting company and will continue to be precisely that, far into the future. It is easy to know a little bit about a number of specialties but few consulting companies know everything about one specialty. Revenue Cycle Inc. knows oncology inside and out. We also work closely with the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO) and are ACRO's Official Billing and Coding Consultant.

Are you able to offer assistance with front and back office billing processes?

Yes, Revenue Cycle Inc. is able to provide custom oncology management solutions that enhance your efficiency.  Our expert team will conduct a thorough on-site review of your front and/or back office operations.  Based on our findings, we provide recommendations, education and training for you and your staff enabling a more efficient revenue-capturing process. 

My group practices at numerous locations, some hospital-based practices and some freestanding facilities. Can you accommodate these varied locations?

In today's diverse oncology billing market, many practices are offering treatment at separate locations. Revenue Cycle Inc. understands the various types of partnerships and scenarios, so the logistics of handling the consulting services for different locations is really just a matter of working closely with the facilities to ensure appropriate interaction with all sites. We've done it for several of the biggest facilities in the nation and we can do it for you.

If we opt to use your oncology auditing services, do we also need to have training?

Revenue Cycle Inc. packages the training and education into the medical record and coding review process.  We take the information derived from the medical record review and tailor the training to exactly the areas that are pertinent to you and your processes.

Will my staff be self-sufficient after Revenue Cycle Inc.'s training?

While the reimbursement training provided by highly skilled Revenue Cycle Inc. consultants is all-encompassing and educates on all aspects of oncology services that the site provides, the continued education in the years that follow is crucial. Reimbursement is an ever-changing world that requires constant monitoring and attention to policy change.

After becoming a client, does Revenue Cycle Inc. provide updates on the latest coding information?

Yes, each Revenue Cycle Inc. client will have their own online resource page to access their reports and supplemental documents from the consulting work that was performed. In addition, updates and relevant changes in coding, policy, and reimbursement will also be posted on this site. After one year the client has the opportunity to renew the Client Recourse Center (CRC) membership to ensure continued education.

Does Revenue Cycle Inc. provide return on investment data for oncology-specific companies that will assist with sales?

Yes, Revenue Cycle Inc. can provide your company and sales staff detailed return on investment information. We will train and educate your sales staff to ensure they are informed and providing accurate information to potential customers. In addition, we can also be available for webinars and/or conference calls with your potential customers.

We are a small company and need basic education and training regarding reimbursement. Can you provide us this service without a long term contract?

Absolutely, whether you are a small or large practice, we pride ourselves on providing the actual services that a client needs and do not require a long term commitment if it is not needed or desired.