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Revenue Cycle and Coding Strategies Merge to Expand Healthcare Consulting Services

AUSTIN, TX, March 1, 2017 - Medical and radiation oncology consulting firm Revenue Cycle and healthcare coding and compliance consulting and education firm Coding Strategies announce a merger that will bring the two companies together for the benefit of the healthcare industry.

Founded in 1998 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, Coding Strategies provides consulting expertise and educational tools for the healthcare industry. Like Revenue Cycle, it offers services to physicians, administrators, coders, and other industry stakeholders. Coding Strategies’s educational products include customized training, self-paced online training, webinars, and seminars.
Revenue Cycle specializes in the business aspects of medical and radiation oncology, including operations and oncology coding and reimbursement. Its team of medical and radiation oncology experts consults on oncology reimbursement, compliance, and business operations for everything from single physician offices to large multi-site systems.

“Since I co-founded the company almost 20 years ago, Coding Strategies has been dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals,” said president Melody W. Mulaik. "Our nationally certified consultants, along with our comprehensive selection of training options, help our clients protect the financial health of their business, stay compliant, and find solutions to their toughest challenges.” Ms Mulaik will serve as the president of the combined companies.

“Our alliance with Coding Strategies is a perfect fit,” stated Ron DiGiaimo, CEO of Revenue Cycle “Coding Strategies will add even more depth to our service offerings. Their expertise and educational services align with those we already have in place, and their track record of success speaks for itself.” Mr DiGiaimo will now serve as the Chairman of the Board for Coding Strategies and CEO of the combined companies.

The Revenue Cycle family of companies now includes RC Billing, The Oncology Group and Coding Strategies. For more information, visit and

Philips strengthens targeted cancer center services through alliances with The Oncology Group and Revenue Cycle Inc.

Andover, Mass., Sept. 25, 2012- Royal Philips Electronics (AEX: PHI, NYSE: PHG) today announced that it is joining forces with The Oncology Group ( and Revenue Cycle, Inc. (, affiliated companies that focus exclusively on strategic cancer service planning and operations support. Building upon recently announced partnerships with the Integrated Oncology Network (ION) and eHealth Global Technologies (eHGT), a provider of medical record and image exchange services, these new alliances strengthen Philips’ growing coalition of solutions providers to support the business and practice of integrated, patient-centered cancer care.

"In addition to our extensive portfolio of clinical products and solutions for oncology, Philips continues to look for ways to address the business and operational needs of multidisciplinary cancer care," said Randy Sklar, senior director of the Cancer Center group for Philips Healthcare. "These new alliances enable us to bring the best of both to our customers."

Both The Oncology Group and Revenue Cycle, Inc. are highly regarded for their depth of knowledge in the oncology service sector. One of the premier strategic cancer program planning firms in the United States, The Oncology Group provides customized cancer services, feasibility studies, oncology program operations solutions and cancer service line business and management planning. The firm has assisted more than 300 hospitals and cancer programs across 38 states in growing, expanding, enhancing and building cancer programs, businesses and operations.

Revenue Cycle, Inc., an affiliate of The Oncology Group, offers comprehensive medical and radiation oncology reimbursement consulting services to private practice and hospital healthcare providers, including interim practice management, auditing, training, medical billing and collections, corporate vendor relations management, and cancer center development. Revenue Cycle, Inc. has provided reimbursement consulting services to thousands of physicians and facilities in all fifty states.

"It’s literally impossible for any cancer program to keep up with the constant changes in reimbursement - and to make sure they are capturing revenue and maintaining compliance - without expert support, " said Sally Eggleston, vice president of Revenue Cycle, Inc. "We’re excited to join forces with Philips to provide coordinated, expert support to cancer centers."

President of The Oncology Group Marsha Fountain stated, "The opportunity to combine our strategic planning services with Philips’ state-of-the-art technology solutions for oncology is truly unique. This alliance will provide our customers with a continuum of solutions for 21st-century cancer care - customized for them and the needs of their community as well as joint opportunities worldwide."

American College of Radiation Oncology Engages Revenue Cycle Inc. as its Official Billing/Coding Consultant

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 12, 2011 - Revenue Cycle Inc. has again been named the official billing/coding consultant to the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO), according to Ron DiGiaimo, CEO of Revenue Cycle Inc.

Since 2004, Revenue Cycle Inc.'s consultants have provided services to ACRO members including billing and coding seminars and webinars as well as continuous updates on legal and regulatory developments. In addition, Revenue Cycle Inc. conducts billing and coding seminars at the ACRO annual meeting and at ACRO-sponsored events nationwide.

ACRO has also chosen Revenue Cycle Inc. as its Preferred Provider for Practice Audits, and recommends the firm to radiation oncologists for billing, coding, and compliance audits as well as general practice information.

"At Revenue Cycle Inc. we take pride in delivering customized, leading edge consultation to our oncology practice clients," says DiGiaimo. "Being named the official billing/coding consultant to the American College of Radiation Oncology is an honor, and we look forward to our ongoing partnership."

Founded in 2002 and based in Austin, Texas, Revenue Cycle Inc. is an oncology practice reimbursement consulting firm staffed by a team of diverse healthcare administration specialists.

Revenue Cycle Inc.'s team of experts includes leaders in the business of medical and radiation oncology with an advanced knowledge of human resource management, budgeting, program planning, oncology coding, compliance, training and education, oncology billing and oncology reimbursement, cancer center development, managed care, and total operations for both freestanding and hospital Radiation and Medical Oncology clinics.

Revenue Cycle Inc. focuses on every aspect of an oncology practice with an emphasis on compliance, documentation, cancer center management, operational and staffing assessments, electronic medical record (EMR) implementation, and department policy and procedure review and development.

The American College of Radiation Oncology's mission is to strive to ensure the highest quality care for radiation therapy patients and promote success in the practice of radiation oncology through education, responsible socioeconomic advocacy, and integration of science and technology into clinical practice. ACRO is based in Bethesda, Maryland.

Revenue Cycle Inc. Forges Partnership with D3 Oncology Solutions for the Newly Launched SABRE Program

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 5, 2011 - Revenue Cycle Inc. announces that it has forged a strategic collaboration with D3 Oncology Solutions for SABRE financial consulting and support.

In this newly formed partnership, Revenue Cycle Inc. will research and educate D3 Oncology Solutions clients in proper coding, billing, documentation, and compliance for SABRE, D3's comprehensive program that helps cancer centers safely and effectively implement a new SRS/SBRT (stereotactic radiosurgery/stereotactic body radiotherapy) program for improved patient outcomes. "We're proud to forge this strategic collaboration with D3 to facilitate and streamline the implementation of their SABRE program," says Ron DiGiaimo, CEO of Revenue Cycle Inc. "The proliferation of radiosurgery in the US is a testimony to the associated benefits patients receive from this modality. We are excited to play a role in helping D3 expand this service line."

Based in Austin, Texas and founded in 2002, Revenue Cycle Inc. is a medical and radiation oncology consulting resource for the oncology industry. It provides specialized, comprehensive services to healthcare providers including auditing, training, billing and coding, electronic medical record compliance, corporate vendor relations, cancer center development, and practice management. Revenue Cycle Inc.'s consultants and its affiliated companies streamline financial record-keeping, cut operational costs, maintain compliance with federal regulations, and improve profitability.

Founded in 2002, D3 is an affiliate of UPMC, an integrated global health enterprise headquartered in Pittsburgh and one of the leading health systems in the country. Its mission is to develop and deliver leading edge solutions that accelerate the quality, safety, efficiency, and outcomes of cancer patients' care at radiation and medical oncology centers. D3 has assisted hundreds of cancer centers worldwide in delivering advanced radiation therapy.

Revenue Cycle Inc.'s on-site, hands-on education will include topics related to SRS/SBRT process of care, financial counseling, reference materials, billing and determination of covered diagnosis for requested SRS/SBRT procedures for each of the customer's top payers. Revenue Cycle Inc. will provide a complete billing and coding guide to D3 Oncology Solutions customers and will assist in ensuring that initial cases stemming from this strategic collaboration are accurate and compliant. "Revenue Cycle's consulting expertise will be invaluable in optimizing the success of our SABRE program," says Kathy Lokay, president and CEO of D3 Oncology Solutions. "We look forward to working with them."

For more information about Revenue Cycle Inc., visit or call 512.583.2000.
For more information about D3 Oncology Solutions, visit or call 412.365.0710.

D3 Oncology Solutions Launches SABRE Program for Accelerating SRS/SBRT Implementations: Comprehensive solution brings surgeons and radiation oncologists tools and knowledge to collaborate on improved patient outcomes

PITTSBURGH, July 26, 2011 - D3 Oncology Solutions today announced that it will begin offering a comprehensive product to radiation oncologists and surgeons to rapidly but safely implement a successful SRS/SBRT program. The product is called SABRE, based on the more accurate description of SBRT as stereotactic ablative radiation therapy (SABR). D3's SABRE program brings together essential components of a successful implementation of radiosurgery, including clinical training for surgeons and radiation oncology teams, accurate small-field dosimetry, peer-to-peer consultations, go-live support, reimbursement guidance, follow-up reviews of quality assurance and claims accuracy with the experience of one of the nation's most experienced clinical and technical teams.

Despite the published patient benefits of stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), many cancer programs across the United States have not yet implemented this service line, even though most modern linear accelerators have capabilities to deliver radiosurgery. "Engagement of surgeons in SRS/SBRT delivery is critical to program success but availability of training and certification is often limited. Additionally, the targeted nature of SRS/SBRT can be daunting for many physicians, especially in light of recent high-profile errors that resulted in patient injuries," said Ron LaLonde, Ph.D.,D.A.B.R., chief scientific officer for D3 Oncology Solutions.

Building on its existing core capabilities in clinical training, commissioning, advanced treatment planning and clinical pathways, D3 is collaborating with the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, UPMC Cancer Centers and Revenue Cycle Inc. to provide best practices and peer-to-peer support for cancer centers and surgeons.

"Our success with SRS/SBRT at UPMC Cancer Centers has been centered around the close collaboration between surgeons and radiation oncologists in the patient identification and care delivery process, providing options to patients who were not otherwise candidates for other treatment strategies," added Dr. Dwight Heron, professor of radiation oncology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and vice chairman of radiation oncology at UPCI. "SABRE brings together the necessary knowledge and precise tools essential to replicate UPMC's SRS/SBRT success for cancer programs in other markets."

Finally, as part of a broader strategic collaboration, D3 Oncology Solutions has partnered with Revenue Cycle Inc., a recognized leader in radiation and medical oncology consulting, to bring critical programs for billing and coding training, claims accuracy review, verification of payment coverage by the top payers in each market and ongoing support for an extended period. "We're very excited to be able to leverage the success of both D3 and Revenue Cycle to help cancer programs ensure that the launch of SRS/SBRT will be clinically and economically robust," said Ron DiGiaimo, CEO of Revenue Cycle.

About D3 Oncology Solutions
The mission of D3 Oncology Solutions is to develop and deliver leading edge solutions that accelerate the quality, safety, efficiency and outcomes of cancer patients' care at radiation and medical oncology centers around the world. With unmatched expertise for more than a decade, D3 has assisted hundreds of cancer centers in the United States and internationally. D3's solutions are guided by close collaboration with leading radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and medical physicists at UPMC Cancer Centers and The University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.

From flexible options for linear accelerator commissioning, clinical training and radiation treatment planning to tools and programs that support clinical quality such as Via Oncology Pathways, D3's suite of solutions accelerates excellence in the delivery of cancer care. D3 is an affiliate of UPMC, an integrated global health enterprise headquartered in Pittsburgh and one of the leading health systems in the United States. For more information, visit or call (412) 365-0710.

Revenue Cycle Inc., the Premier Medical and Radiation Oncology Consulting Company Announces an Affiliation with The Oncology Group LLC., A Cancer Care Consulting Company, as the Cancer Services Market Continues Its Integration Model

AUSTIN, August 10, 2010 - As a recognized leader in the business of medical and radiation oncology consulting, Revenue Cycle Inc. announces a new partnership with one of the premier cancer care consulting organizations in the nation, The Oncology Group. The relationship continues a growing trend for Revenue Cycle, known for its expert team of medical and radiation oncology consultants, education programs and training services.

The Oncology Group will join three core businesses that make up the Revenue Cycle affiliation: RC Billing for all medical and radiation oncology billing and coding, insurance submissions, and AR management services; Revenue Cycle Inc. radiation and medical oncology consulting services which offer comprehensive oncology audits to measure charge capture accuracy and standards compliance; and NDevor, an original start-to-finish oncology care facilities development and management company.

"We are pleased to add The Oncology Group as an affiliate and look forward to the continued growth of our companies," says Revenue Cycle Inc. Chief Executive Officer Ron DiGiaimo. "Recognizing a need for the 'best of the best' is part of the company culture, and dictates everything Revenue Cycle does on a daily basis; the merger will increase our combination of resources and expertise."

President of The Oncology Group Marsha Fountain adds, "The Oncology Group will continue its tradition of customized cancer care consulting and strategic planning for community and academic cancer centers. Our relationship with Revenue Cycle Inc. and their position as a key source of thought leadership within the physician practice arena increases both firms' influence within an integrating cancer services market."

The combined activities of both companies will continue The Oncology Group's focus on all aspects of oncology growth and business management. Leaders from both merger partners agree that the strategic alliance will benefit their consulting clients, as hospitals work to create and sustain integrated 21st century cancer centers and physician practices. Click here to find more information about the team of radiation and medical oncology consultants that make up Revenue Cycle Inc. To contact The Oncology Group visit