Medical and Radiation Oncology Consulting Solutions for Busy Practices

Are your staff and budget at capacity? Is there no time for those all-consuming, meticulous compliance reviews? You have so many details to oversee and not enough time or staff. Yet paying attention to every aspect of your oncology facility is critical to its financial health. That’s where Revenue Cycle Inc. can help. Our offsite consulting solutions enable us to work remotely with your existing staff to amplify your efficiency and ensure your compliance while saving you the expense of additional employees.

Our remote code review solution provides you with a daily review of charge capture and supporting documentation. We begin with an initial onsite visit to set up the remote process. During this visit, our team will assess your current processes, refining them to ensure charge capture is performed based on payor guidelines and OIG compliance standards. We’ll establish daily export and reporting processes to coincide with your electronic medical records and associated billing systems. Our team will follow up with training for your staff to ensure their complete understanding of charge capture and compliance.

Once this process is set up, Revenue Cycle Inc. will conduct a daily review of your charge capture and supporting documentation prior to submission. Every day these reviews will include:

  • Identifying and correcting coding errors and omissions
  • Confirming accurate diagnosis coding and application of modifiers
  • Verifying payor documentation requirements, including medical necessity and orders 
  • Communicating and tracking errors to identify issues and educate staff 
  • Assistance with compiling supporting documentation at payor request
  • Supporting implementation of new service lines and modifications due to changes in payor and authoritative guidance requirements

In addition to the daily review of charge capture, our Remote Solutions Team offers these customized consulting services:

  • Remote medical record reviews via your Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Web-based coding, documentation and compliance training tailored specifically to your facility’s location and needs 

You have enough to manage. Let Revenue Cycle Inc.’s experienced radiation and medical oncology Remote Solutions Team provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your charges are accurate and in accordance with CMS and payor guidelines.