Stay Informed with Customized Oncology Education and Training for Your Practice

Revenue Cycle Inc. experts can provide training and education for your staff, both on-site and via web-based applications. As an industry expert, Revenue Cycle Inc. sponsors seminars and features speakers at national conferences to promote billing compliance.

Our specialized oncology consultants educate physicians, clinical and business office staff in acceptable documentation, proper coding, billing and compliance. Based on your specific needs, Revenue Cycle Inc. can customize relevant programs covering workflows, EHR usage, billing processes and other operations.

Revenue Cycle Inc.’s education consulting raises your office performance level by integrating a range of services including:

  • Detailed instruction regarding coding and documentation to ensure medical record accuracy and efficiency.
  • Expertise among clinically trained staff members who have a detailed understanding of the specialty and procedures performed.
  • Identification and use of applicable payor rules and requirements for your location and type of facility.
  • Application of payor guidelines related to your specific technologies and/or drug regimens.
  • Expertise in current EHR systems tools and usage that can be applied to promote efficiencies and compliance.
  • Sample documentation to assist you in developing compliant medical records.
  • Clinical examples that illustrate correct coding, plus dialogue regarding common areas of coding errors.
  • Availability to answer questions and give advice.
  • Discussion related to current departmental and practice processes and subsequent recommendations.
  • Reference materials and guidelines provided in presentation materials.

Regardless of the environment, Revenue Cycle Inc. can effectively deliver training, guidance and recommendations to professional as well as technical entities—bearing in mind each client’s unique needs—with the goal of integrating compliance with performance and efficiency.